How to Throw an A24 Costume Party

Inspired by a recent slew of A24-themed parties circling the Twitter-sphere, a few interns at the company decided to top all of them and throw one for ourselves. In some cases, it wouldn’t be the easiest the throw such a niche-themed party if you lived somewhere like Bowling Green, KY. However, attending a college like New York University in a place like New York City, you can imagine it was no hardship to fill my Brooklyn walkup with Lady Bird’s and Tommy Wiseau’s.

There is no formula for such an event, but there certainly was a precedent. Coming from within the company itself, the bar was set unbelievably high in terms of creativity and execution. The final product became a love letter to the “Carrie”-esque proms from yesteryears, somewhere in between the opening shot of “Nocturnal Animals” and the New Years Eve celebration in “Phantom Thread.” Enveloping the apartment in silver-sequined streamers and pastel-colored balloons, my Bushwick abode was transformed into the ultimate A24 cinematic universe. With “Lady Bird” and “Moonlight” posters adorning the walls, and a mad “Climax”-inspired sangria at the party’s center, all that was missing was the scores of inventive (and abstract) costumed guests to come.

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