Tisch Tradition Proves Timely This Year

From Wellesley College’s hoop rolling to our university’s very own long-gone ritual of ducking, college campuses around the country are deeply rooted in history and tradition. For sophomores in Tisch Drama, this rite of passage is the Poetry Projects.

The Poetry Projects is an annual showcase for Sophomores in the Stella Adler Studio of Acting, where students are given five minutes to tell the faculty and students of the studio a message that they believe to be true.


“It’s very daunting,” Becca Stein, a sophomore in Tisch Drama said. “If you were given only five minutes to impress all of Tisch, what would you say?”

Students are required to choose from an approved catalog of published works and comprise their findings into four or five-page scripts.

For Chloe Citron, a sophomore in Tisch Drama, these works included “Snow White and Sleeping Beauty Address Their Creator” and “I Am a Princess, Long May I Reign,” which make for an unconventional fairytale monologue on self-love and empowerment for women.


“I had this idea of fairytale princesses fighting back with no prince charming,” Citron said. “I wanted to comment on being a strong woman and being in control of your own life. You can be a girl and still show your rage, your darkness. That is powerful. It won’t make you less attractive.”

Adriana Guidry, a sophomore in Tisch Drama, chose a more obscure trajectory, where she chose the setting of a children’s playground to convey messages of rising nationalism, hostility towards immigrants and the remaining hope for our rising generations.


“This is considered the first step through the threshold of being a serious artist with something to say,” Guidry said. “My project may have been over 8 minutes, but I said what I came to say.”

The Poetry Projects date back to the early ‘80s, when current faculty were stepping through the very same thresholds of history and tradition.


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